After only 12 months, Bofrost welcomed their 17.000th new customer through Brand Ambassadors active via tawkr. It all started at the end of 2016 when Bofrost and tawkr set up a pilot campaign for Brand Ambassadors to sell Bofrost face2face across Belgium and the Netherlands.

The overarching benefit of Face2Face campaigns is the ability to reach a large  amount of people on a daily basis. What started with a small ’trial’, soon became a full scale campaign, and by January 2017, around 15 Brand Ambassadors were reaching about 2.000  of BoFrost’s potential customers each day through face2face sales activities. “The possibility to work with professional Brand Ambassadors is amazing for building the Bofrost brand. Our brand reaches more and more people every day. Amazing.” says CEO of Bofrost Luc van Herck.

Through the valuable market information tawkr has gathered in the past months, it’s clear that the main reason for which customers stay loyal and continue ordering regularly is the personal approach the Brand Ambassadors bring to the initial brand interaction. Brand Ambassadors can fully explain the products and service in person and bring a much more tangible reality than one would experience through paper or online advertising.

A good partnership can only grow when two parties trust each other and when the strengths of each party makes the other stronger.” suggests Paul Kager, tawkr’s Country Manager in Belgium. “tawkr opens the door and Bofrost delivers the quality product and excellent customer service. This in combination with intensive communication between the two partners ensures loyal customers.

The BAs’ enthusiasm is palpable and contagious among the Bofrost team. “We see that customers place orders frequently. The value each customer brings us far exceeds our campaign outgoings . The return of investment is really promising for long lasting partnership!” Mr. Van Herck. CEO of BoFrost.