The National Days of the French Red Cross, held from 18 to 26 May, are the annual event for the organisation. On this occasion, thousands of volunteers meet the public, everywhere in France, to collect a maximum of donations allowing the French Red Cross to continue to carry out its actions near you.

It was in this context that two of our campaign managers donned a Red Cross jacket to support the cause. If Claire reiterated the experience for the second consecutive year, this time, she took the opportunity to take Lucile to create a pair: “This pair made sense because we are both responsible for the Red Cross campaign. On a daily basis, as part of our door-to-door campaign, it’s the ambassadors who knock on doors in search of long-term donors. Once a year, we have the opportunity to help at our level too, “explains Claire.

This is how Claire and Lucile rolled up their sleeves to survey the Rue de Bethune in Lille at the end of the day. With a trunk each, the goal was to approach people by offering to contribute to the French Red Cross by a donation, either in cash or by cheque. And they didn’t have to wait long for results to show, in two small hours our awesome duo collected 126,98 €! Lucile, volunteer for a day, who also collected a cheque for 40 euros, says that “the experience was really rewarding! The contact with so many people is not easy to manage but it allowed me to meet lots of great people.”

Founded in 1864, the French Red Cross helps the poorest: food and clothing, access to health, psychosocial support, emergency management in the event of disasters or first aid services… the French Red Cross actors are in the front line and mobilize daily to face isolation, distress, insecurity, pain and exclusion.