Direct Marketing and Sales expert tawkr doesn’t only provide its clients with new customers every day, as Paul Kager, Country Manager of tawkr Netherlands and Belgium, says: “Valuable insights in the feedback customers have on provided products and services are also part of the tawkr package”. Why does someone sign up in the first place? What makes a customer loyal? We thrive on answering these questions for you. Participating in the DDMA Data-day 2017 was ideal to make sure we amount to the highest industry standards when it comes to data sharing.

DDMA, the Data Driven Marketing Association, brings together market experts and organized the 2017 Data-Day in Amsterdam. Over 300 people visited the seminars to learn about the added value data can have for every company. Topics regarding Artificial Intelligence, GDPR, Machine Learning and Privacy & Ethics were discussed by well-known companies Rabobank, Facebook, Google, The Dutch Football Association and many more.

Topic on GDPR from DDMA member Sanne Mulder was a reassurance for our 2018 focus. “With the GPDR-changes deadline of the 25th of May 2018 coming closer it was a good moment to check if tawkr is on track to have the processes ready to apply to the new EU law”, is what she said. The answer? “tawkr is on the right track and continues to work with our clients to make sure we’re GPDR-proof in 2018” says Paul Kager.

Olav Lijnbach, Marketing Science Lead for Facebook Benelux had a very interesting conclusion regarding the importance of modern values for modern businesses: “For companies to be successful in the 21st century, they need to be consumer centric. This requires a different organizational set-up and open culture.”

When it comes to data collection and decision making we rely on legacy knowledge and infrastructures which allows our business decisions to be suboptimal” proceeds Olav Lijnbach. The speaker then continued to illustrate tawkrs value: “For great people based measurements, there are three major scopes: Focus on people, Measure real outcomes and cross-channel comparisons.” Likewise, Olav Lijnbach concluded with a tip that could’ve been our own: “The best information you will ever get, is by making sure you keep asking your customers for feedback.”

Although tawkr was always data-driven as an additional service for its partners, joining the 2017 Data-Day reinforced the idea that this was the right focus for us in the coming year. If you wish to know more about data and the coming European regulation we suggest you give this a read.