At tawkr we champion the importance of human interaction and our clients reap the rewards from our Brand Ambassadors direct sales expertise. Taking leaned knowledge from theory and implementing into a sales and marketing campaign can be a hard transition for some upcoming sales professionals. This is why we jumped at the opportunity to share our knowledge with some of the brightest students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam’s ‘Economics and Business Economics’ course.

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam acknowledge what we, as tawkr, recognise as our core ethos: “There is no better education than practical training in the field!”. It all started a few months ago when one of our sales partners was asked to be a guest speaker at the schopl. Inviting the Managing Director of our Amsterdam Co-Working Hub to deliver a seminar on direct sales. The seminar had such an impact on the students and teachers at the Hogeschool that we were invited to partake in an innovative ‘field training day’ initiative for the students.

How? By spending a day in the field with our experienced, well-educated and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors! Giving the students practical experience on how to execute face2face direct sales.

Spread out over 10 days, over 900 students visited our Co-Working Hub in Amsterdam. In the morning, the sessions were focused on training the student on the brand messaging of the client they would be representing in the field. How to get someone’s attention? How to communicate the clients brand message? How do you sell the services of our client by selling yourself? And of course, how to do all that with a smile on your face and a positive mindset?!

After the inhouse training they went to the field, coached by tawkr’s experienced Brand Ambassadors. A lot of doors were knocked on, pitches were done and customers made aware of our client’s fantastic value proposition. Over 80% of all students successfully communicated with customers, and with a little help from the Brand Ambassadors, some even made successful sales to new customers!

Overall it was a real win-win-win-win situation! The Hogeschool could provide the students with a real field experience and ways to practically implement sales technique they had learn in the classroom. The Brand Ambassadors got the opportunity to share their knowledge and the client loved the additional Brand awareness they got throughout this exposure.