Studies have shown that on average we are exposed to about 3000 different ads every day. They’re everywhere and modern marketers have to be more creative than ever to counteract the lack of interest of consumers regarding advertising. While online ads are at record highs in recent years, we tend to forget that 50% of the world’s population still doesn’t use internet. In France, about 17% of the population doesn’t have access to the World Wide Web. So, how do you reach those 10 million unconnected potential customers?

Traditional marketing strategies –tv ads, billboards, newspapers, etc…- having been present for so long, it’s almost as if people don’t see them anymore. And even though small innovations try to change our perceptions -product placement for instance-, does this really have an impact?

If people not paying as much attention to online ads is an issue for online marketers, the fact that mobile and desktop ad blocking increases at a staggering rate from year-to year is also a concerning element. In 2015, studies had shown that adblocking was costing roughly $22 billion per year to publishers and was used by almost half-a-billion people worldwide.

Furthermore, it’s not because you manage to reach people with your ads that they’ll actually buy your product. This is why, today, face to face marketing seems like a great solution to enhance brand awareness, reach and product sales. In fact, through our very own experience, we know that between 2 and 5% of the people approached by a face to face marketer (or Brand Ambassador) will make a purchase. Furthermore, 50% of these clients will make future purchases via F2F marketing just because they keep a good impression of their first encounter with a Brand Ambassador.

Could it be that in our, increasingly cluttered, digital world, face to face and human interactions are the key elements to better brand awareness and sales results? As Alex Vassel, Country Manager for tawkr says: “We’re not surprised when new clients come to us asking for sale solutions. They’ve used every other channel and the results are just not the same: with tawkr the ROI is guaranteed!