We’ve all been in the situation where we need to get to the top floor of a building fast but end up waiting in line to eventually get in a crowded lift. However, we could just take the stairs, avoid the crush and get on with the rest of our day. It’s time efficient, secure, less stressful and allows us to avoid a crowded space.

In today’s fast-paced and digitalized society, traditional marketing is that crowded lift. Advertisers are all lining up, waiting for their turn and hoping to get elevated in the spotlight. The lift might well get you to the top, the issue is that it’s so crowded that your message, although out there, will just get lost amongst all the other voices. That is, if you didn’t end up stuck in the crowded lift because of a breakdown.

You need to ask yourself… Was the time spent queuing for and crammed into that tiny lift worth it? In other words: Is your return enough compared to investment you put in?

Next to the crowded lift, you can find the empty stairs – Face2Face marketing. The stairs aren’t crowded and you’re sure your message will get to the top without being overpowered, and you don’t risk a lift failure. More importantly, for less effort (and investment) your message reaches exactly who you want it to: you audience, your customers or potential customers. Plus, your ROI is clear: only pay for acquired customers.

Ask yourself what’s most important for your brand or company: blindly following the herd of traditional marketers or actually boosting brand awareness and customer acquisition? In our world of continuous digital messages and meaningless ads, actual Face2Face, human to human interactions make a difference.

Customer data is essential in today’s consumer driven markets. With Face2Face, you make sure you don’t miss out on that knowledge coming directly from your customer base. We collect and skim all excessive information to provide you with the sole data you truly care about: the one from your customers (in line with soon to be GDPR).

Brands from all kinds of industries approach us every day to try Face2Face as part of their marketing strategy, and leave convinced that Face2Face is the answer they were looking for in such a cluttered marketing space.

Want to get out of the lift and take the stairs that lead you straight to your new customer base? Talk to us today…