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Why do brands choose to use Face2Face?
It’s usually not a case of either/or. Most organisations use a mixture of different advertising channels to get their message across. But tawkr believe that people still respond best to people. Face-to-face sales and fundraising delivers powerful returns on investment because it is more cost-effective than a TV or billboard campaign and, the results are traceable and measurable.

Where does tawkr source the Brand Ambassadors to use in its campaigns?
Tawkr uses its network of Marketing Companies across Europe to source self employed Brand Ambassadors to carry out direct Sales and Marketing campaigns.

How many Brand Ambassadors can be on a campaign?
The number of Brand Ambassadors allocated is dependant on the size and objectives of each campaign.

What is the cost of a campaign?
An agreed daily rate is set for the testing period - once a full test review is complete an acquisition fee is established between both parties and a campaign roll out plan is agreed.

How soon can you see results once a campaign has started?
Once contracts are signed and product training is complete, tawkr can begin with a 'testing team' of Brand Ambassadors - sales are made from point onwards.

How do I contact Tawkr?
Email us at or give us a call on +33366881398

How much do Brand Ambassadors earn?
tawkr uses a commission only based structure, allowing Brand Ambassadors the ability to control their own earning potential.

What is a Marketing Company?
A Marketing Company is an independent company that supplies tawkr with professional, self-employed Brand Ambassadors that are used in campaigns.

What is Face2Face sales?
Face to Face selling is where trained Brand Ambassadors sell a product or service directly to a customer, at an event or at their front door.

How do tawkr ensure that they work to the best industry standards?
As well as tawkr's extensive internal code of conduct - tawkr adhere to all regulatory requirement governing each industry i.e. PSA ( private Security Authority) / CER (Commission for Energy Regulation) and Charities Institute Ireland.

Does tawkr employee any Brand Ambassadors directly?
No, all Brand Ambassadors are self employed and supplied by the Independent MC

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