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Get 1000+ customers to switch suppliers every week!

If you want to grow in the newly open energy market, scroll down to check out how we're already helping new energy suppliers educate consumers and help them switch.

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Growing your customer base faster than flipping a switch

Consumer Education

Meeting consumers to let them know they can switch suppliers for a cheaper, greener one

Face to Face signup

Introducing your offer to people who want to switch from their historic supplier

Onboarding & Loyalty

Welcoming your new customers and letting them know how much of an impact switching suppliers will have on their bill and for the planet

We have everything covered

With tawkr you get so much more than new customers


Guaranteed ROI

Only pay for new customers we get for you. No campaign fees.

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Case Study

Campaign goal-

Standing out as a new player in a deregulated energy market

In a newly deregulated energy market, the main challenge of our partners is always to educate consumers about their right to switch energy providers, and helping them understand how they could save money on their energy bill. That's hard with ads, but way easier when you are face to face with the consumers.

Educating consumers

Highly trained advisors meet with consumers and let them know they can switch suppliers, anticipating their needs based on their profile and consumption

Setting a quality standard

Personalized respectful approach, centered around each customer's needs and expectations. Tailor made marketing and reassurance material. Inhouse onboarding process 

Targeting territory

Focusing campaigns on certain areas based on demographic and technical data to achieve high penetration


New contracts per day in 12 months


Live rates

60 000+ new contracts signed in 12 months accross France, Belgium and the UK, with Zero customer complaints

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