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1000+ fresh customers delivered to you every week!

If you are looking to achieve high penetration in a new market, and get new high LTV customers every week, scroll down to check out how we can help your brand grow! 

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Growing your customer base faster than you can deliver

Door to Door customer acquisition

We visit your future customers in their homes, and take time to show them how your product fits their lifestyle and cooking habits

Private Site customer acquisition

Showing your product in person has a huge impact on how it's seen by consumers

Audience & territory targeting

Focusing our actions where your target audience live to achieve high order density

We have everything covered

With tawkr you get so much more than fresh customers.


Guaranteed ROI

Only pay for new customers we get for you. No campaign fees.

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Case Study

Campaign goal-

Getting High AOV High LTV subscribers with Face to Face acquisition.

As meal kits become more and more popular, our partners need to stand out from their competition in order to get more loyal, high value customers.

Audience Targeting

focusing on territory based on demographic or other strategic elements

Personalised Approach

Taking time to know your future subscribers, and letting them know how your service fits their lifestyle 

Customer Experience

Educating customers on how to use your service, walking them through their first order and answering all their questions 


new subscribers in one year


Average Order Value

60% of new subscribers placed 5+ orders within 2 months

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