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Get 1000+ new long term donors, every week!

If you are looking to recruit more regular donors to support your cause, and develop your actions, scroll down to check out how we already help other associations to reach their fundraising goals. 

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Recruiting long term regular donors to support your cause

Door to Door donor Recruitment

We share your story with thousands of people Face to Face at their front door and then sign up those individuals who want to become a long term supporter

Lead to Call donor Recruitment

We contact potential donors via phone who have registered an interest in making a difference with your charity, and convert them to regular donors

Loyalty and retention calls

We carry out loyalty and retention phone calls to current and past donors, updating them on your amazing work, ensuring they realise the importance of their regular giving donations

We have everything covered

with tawkr you get so much more than more regular donors.


Guaranteed ROI

Only pay for new customers we get for you. No campaign fees.

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Case Study

Campaign goal-

Innovating to recruit long term donors during the pandemic

As the pandemic hit, a lot of associations were called on the front lines to help mitigate the crisis, while being unable to recruit new donors with their classic fundraising methods.

Covid-Friendly recruitment

New code of practice to Door to Door fundraising, including contactless signup, social distancing, sanitation an masks 

Lead to call recruitment

During lockdown periods, to keep recruiting long term donors on behalf of our partners, even when Face to Face was impossible

Loyalty & Soft Upgrade

Calling your current supporters to thank them for their contibution,  asking those who can to support your actions even more


new donors in 8 months in 2021


Average monthly donation

The average age of recruited donors was 45+

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