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A magnet for customer retention

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

“Digital disruption has caused an erosion in consumer loyalty”. Accenture, ‘Customer 2020: Are you future ready or reliving the past, 2014’

In a study published by Accenture in 2014, it was highlighted that “digital disruption has caused an erosion in consumer loyalty”. In essence, it has become easier for customers to switch seamlessly from provider to provider. If yesterday’s customer journey was predictable and trackable, today’s is erratic and fluid: it’s “dynamic, accessible, and continuous because the digital touch points consumers are exposed to are always on, and customers can always re-evaluate their purchase options”.

Customer acquisition and retention is now a dynamic battle based on prices, marketing, notoriety and mostly increased accessibility. Customers will, and can, easily switch provider if they lack a perceived value based relationship with their current brand – the first step to a strong value based relationship? An impactful first contact with potential customers. What is more impactful? An online advert drowned out by digital noise and clutter or a face to face conversation with your target audience?

At tawkr we deliver two complementary services to our clients to encourage loyalty and ultimately retention:

  • Face to face contact: curating a great face to face first customer interaction guarantees a higher percentage of new acquisitions as well as a stronger retention percentage thanks to the proven benefits of human interaction in the sales sector.

  • Data feedback: allowing the brands we work with to better understand their clients by getting direct feedback from us on their expectations, wants and needs.

A great example of a sector that is particularly prone to rapid customer switching is energy providers. Having worked with numerous leading energy providers, we understand customer loyalty is a key driver for customer churn (according to an article published by Forbes, “68% of customers leave a business relationship because of a perceived attitude of indifference on the part of the company.”)

Offering a personalised customer experience is the answer to improved consumer retention. The numbers don’t lie, according to the Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report, products and prices aren’t enough to make a real difference anymore. The report states that 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

At tawkr our main objective is to give your customers an impactful first interaction with your brand a true value based customer experience.

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