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Direct Marketing Agency

Need to get closer to your potential customers? Tawkr offers direct marketing solutions to reach your audience.

Tawkr is a direct marketing agency: we present your brand, services and products directly to your customers through personalised face-to-face interactions. Below are all the reasons why direct marketing is the right strategy for you this year!

Why choose direct marketing?

By definition, direct marketing is a series of sales techniques that allow you to reach your target directly.

  • It has always been one of the most effective techniques to convert potential customers into actual customers.

  • It allows a tailor-made and personalised approach to ensure the best presentation and explanation of your products.

  • In this way, it guarantees a high customer retention rate.

Tailor-made direct marketing solutions

At tawkr, we do everything in our power to meet your needs. As each client is different and has different needs, we provide a tailor-made follow-up that matches your image, values and needs. We set up different steps to ensure the smooth running of your direct marketing campaign:

  • Preliminary meetings and tests to ensure the feasibility of the campaign

  • Set up and design of all communication accessories

  • Training of representatives with someone from your team

  • Direct and permanent contact with our back end team

  • Data sharing with the client to improve targeting

  • Guaranteed security and ROI as you only pay for the sale you make

Why trust Tawkr?

Over the years, Tawkr has managed to strengthen its position as a leader and expert in direct marketing across France with successful campaigns for all types of sectors: from telecoms, to food, to charities and even start-ups.

Our model is the best guarantee we can offer you: assured ROI, no risk, daily monitoring by our team, data collection to refine your campaign and your knowledge of your customers, upstream testing to ensure the campaign works.

But who better to talk about us than our clients?

Clients and testimonials

"Thanks to Tawkr, we have developed door-to-door sponsor recruitment. This has enabled us to diversify our collection methods and mobilise a different population, while respecting Partage's values." - Jennifer Duquesne, Partage.

"Since we have been working with Tawkr, we have been able to reach out to people we would never have been able to approach before. We appreciate working with Tawkr for its professionalism, from the selection of our donor recruiters to the on-boarding of new regular donors: It's a relationship of trust." - Pierre-Henri Glantenet, UNICEF.

"Since I started working with Tawkr in 2014, I have been amazed by the professionalism of the Brand Ambassadors. I expected good results, but every month I am amazed at how quickly Brand Ambassadors grow my brand." - Colm Daily, Homesecure.

How do you launch your marketing campaign?

Compared to other collection or sales systems, a marketing campaign allows you to reach other targets in unsaturated territories. The whole Tawkr team accompanies you throughout the campaign as a partner so that it is a joint success and the beginning of a long-term partnership.

You are in charge, we first set up a meeting to simply discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them. After that we provide you with a plan and all the elements necessary for a successful campaign. To ensure success, each campaign is first tested on a smaller scale. Then the campaign can start, you benefit from a daily follow-up from our back office, we manage the confirmation calls, the communication supports, provide you with the data that are interesting for your evolution and send you regular reports. With Tawkr, everything is feasible and nothing is mandatory and it is risk-free because you only pay for the sales you make!

Contact us for more information!

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