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Face-to-face sales for security systems

In the first half of 2019, there were no fewer than 116,237 reported burglaries1 in France (an increase of 1.15% over the previous year), an average of 645 burglaries per day.

It is therefore not surprising to note that the electronic security systems sector is booming, with a growing turnover over the last ten years: +5.5% per year on average2. The surveillance of private residences represents one of the main poles of the surveillance sector and in 2017, approximately 45% of French people had an alarm3. This means that more than half of French people do not yet have an electronic security system - 32% of whom intend to install a system in the short term.

Why direct marketing?

While a website or social media are essential to any marketing strategy, face-to-face direct marketing has a significant advantage when it comes to home security systems.

In F2F, a more technical product such as an electronic system can be explained in more detail, with a live demonstration of the different features. Our ambassadors are able to provide accurate answers to questions that potential customers may have.

Going door-to-door to people's homes is also an excellent way for representatives to give advice tailored to the layout of the premises and allows the potential customer to project themselves.

Addressing expectations and concerns

Security systems meet a consumer need for peace of mind and safety in their home. It is a product that requires some research on the part of the consumer, who will have many questions before deciding whether or not to purchase the product.

As mentioned earlier, the face-to-face approach allows the sales representative to adapt to the person they are talking to and answer questions or concerns that are specific to each individual and facility. While everyone has the same need for security, the reasons for purchasing a system may vary from one individual to another, depending on whether or not a system is already installed in the home.

Emotional marketing

In addition to its adaptability, face-to-face direct marketing allows for an unparalleled emotional dimension that cannot necessarily be communicated with such ease by other means.

Depending on the source, it is estimated that each individual may be exposed to between 1,000 and 2,000 advertisements per day4 , a figure that has exploded since the Internet and the growing weight of online advertising. Being exposed to so many brands and advertising messages does not mean that more people will be receptive to your brand - the 'too many' effect can actually have the opposite effect.

Face-to-face contact restores human contact within marketing and creates stronger relationships with potential customers. This is especially important in the security systems sector where emotion plays an important part in the final consumer decision.

Representatives in the field

Using an outsourced sales force can allow companies to reach a large number of potential customers without incurring a significant cost, even if the company does not have a large sales team.

Tawkr works with electronic security companies and ensures that each field representative can embody the brand to create a positive impression on the public and achieve the company's goals. The representatives are sales professionals who are trained in the use of the product and the brand, so that they can answer all the questions of potential customers and present the product perfectly.

The market for electronic security systems is still growing and there are still many opportunities for players in the sector to stand out. Adding face-to-face to your multi-channel marketing strategy will give you a head start in reaching otherwise unreachable prospects. If you would like to know more, please contact our team.

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