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France – Recognising the benefits of Face2Face

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Direct sales has seen a real resurgence over the past decade, nowhere more obviously than in France. In 2016, the French Face2Face market generated 4,28 Billion Euros , compared to 4,14 in 2015, and increase of 3,4%.

Face2Face is coming back as a strong acquisition channel after its glory days in the 80’s and 90’s (and before the whole internet boom). France stands in 9th place of the overall direct sales markets in the world – in 2016 the total European market of direct sales generated 33 Billion Euros with almost 15 million Face2Face sales professionals (a growth of 3,9% compared to 2013).

Even though there are still misconceptions and skepticism towards direct sales and door-to-door vendors, companies can’t avoid this re-emerging acquisition channel.

So why has this sector seen such amazing growth? Its two-fold – acquisition channels are crowded, faceless and full of distractions. What is better than a well-informed Brand Ambassador directly interacting with your target audience about your brand or product. The ability to create that positive brand interaction, tangibly see and hear of the benefits of the product and converse with someone who knows the brand inside out and passionately believes in its attributes.

The simplicity of the VDI status is also an obvious benefit – making it easier and more attractive for people to enter into this booming career opportunity. Over 670 000 people work in the sector in addition to the 63 000 supporting functions, R&D functions, production and maintenance teams.

Over the last three years, tawkr has created over 20 jobs in support functions as well as creating opportunities for hundreds of people to be educated in direct sales. Today we count over 250 direct sales representatives in the region, contributing to the growth of direct sales in France. Notably the food division (growing from 17% of total market in 2013 to 32% in 2016).

This growth period is only beginning and every day we receive more and more enquiries and questions from potential partners wishing to widen their acquisition channels. Technology based companies are really beginning to follow this trend as it’s the perfect platform to demonstrate their product and secure more engaged customers thanks to an impactful first interaction.

What’s better? Passionately demonstrating a product, technology or service directly face-to-face, or waiting for the customers to possibly find it online by themselves?


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