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How to keep in touch with your customers?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

If it is important for a company to acquire new customers, it is even more important to understand how to retain them in the long term. Customer retention relies on good relationships and good communication. At Tawkr, we help our clients to acquire new customers but, just as importantly, we help them to retain them.

First of all, we start by establishing contact

All companies know the importance of the first brand interaction. It is this first interaction which is crucial in building a longstanding, quality brand loyalty. emails, social networks, sms or private messages… The disadvantage of this type of indirect marketing is that it often goes unnoticed. That’s why what we do at tawkr is different, using face to face marketing we have the ability to personalise that first interaction to each and every prospective new customer.

Brand Ambassadors come directly to the homes of potential customers to discuss the benefits of your product, service or cause. This personalised approach is very effective as it creates a direct link between the consumer and your brand.

Strengthen the bond directly after the customer’s commitment

After having obtained the commitment of the customer, it is necessary to know how to keep his or her interest and reinforce the link. Several techniques are possible: emails, sms are most often used. But once again, these are indirect techniques that tend to “spam” the customer rather than maintain a genuine relationship with him. That’s why at awkr, the advisors prefer a personalised phone call. The first call aims to welcome the client but also to make sure that everything is clear and they have no further questions. Calling back after a first physical contact reinforces the image of your brand and the message it wants to convey: the customer is important and his commitment counts.

Building customer loyalty over the long term

The next question is loyalty. How do you renew your customers’ commitment over the long term? Many brands build loyalty strategies based on retargeting, newsletters, print or targeted advertising on several media, especially on social networks. If these methods are widespread, they are not the most appreciated by consumers, nor the most profitable for the brand.

tawkr has chosen once again the direct contact in order to limit the gap between your brand and your customers.

We can call consumers to check in and thank them for their commitment, allow them space to raise and questions and cement their ongoing loyalty to your brand.

Staying in touch with your customers

To stay in touch with their customers, many companies use marketing monitoring tools, online review sites and social networks. If these tools allow companies to get information, they do not always meet the needs of the consumer who wants a quick and direct contact with a human being who listens to his expectations and problems. tawkr’s teams are permanently available to answer all requests via an inbound call service. A way to be always available for the consumers.

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