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How to launch a Mobile App and scale up

In 2019, the rate of smartphone use in France is estimated at 79.8% and in 2016, downloading apps was the third main use of smartphones at 55%, behind web browsing and email checking. Many brands use apps as a complement to their services or focus solely on an app-based offering. In order not to be overtaken by competitors or have your app get lost in the crowd on download platforms, here are some tips for launching a mobile app and giving yourself the best chance to see your downloads and daily active users increase!

Optimise for App Marketplaces

Whether it's Google Play or the App Store, users are bound to go through one of these platforms to download (and sometimes discover) your application. So you'll need to make sure your app is optimised as much as possible for these platforms.

If possible, choose a name that is recognisable and different enough from your competitors. Use eye-catching, high-quality visuals, sized and formatted to fit all screen sizes. Provide a rich description, giving users as much information as possible and making them want to download the application.

User reviews will also be an important factor for your ranking on the platform but also for downloads. Users are increasingly relying on reviews and testimonials before downloading an app. It is therefore essential to include a step that allows your users to rate your app and leave a review.

Promote your app online

Social media is a great way to communicate about your app and connect with your community. A website also allows you to provide more information than a download platform could contain.

In addition to your online presence, depending on your budget you can also explore paid options such as Google Ads that help you get your app in front of your target audience. This can be an effective way to launch an app.

The important thing to remember is to identify where your target audience spends most of their time in order to be present and communicate effectively, whatever your preferred method.

Introduce your application to future users

Some applications may be more complex to use or require an element of trust that may be difficult to convey via a download platform or screen. Many developers turn to direct marketing solutions to get their application in front of potential users.

Demonstrating the use of an app helps to simplify the process for your target audience and also allows you to respond live to questions that may arise. Being face-to-face allows you to communicate the value of the app more effectively, even if the technology is new or unknown to users.

An example is Mishi Pay, an app that offers an alternative to checkout with a standalone checkout app. In addition to their online presence, an F2F marketing campaign allowed them to convey the value of their app and technology more effectively and increase their user base.

The world of mobile applications is very competitive, so even the smallest detail can make a difference when it comes to standing out and increasing your downloads. Having a carefully planned marketing strategy will put the odds in your favour. If you have an application you are looking to promote, why not contact Tawkr to explore Face to Face marketing solutions?

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