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Lead Generation

Looking to grow your business? Tawkr organises lead generation campaigns to find customers for your products or services.

Looking to grow your business and your brand? To get new customers and increase your sales? A lead generation campaign will help you find new customers for your products or services.

Tawkr's approach to lead generation is face-to-face, with human contact at the heart of its methodology. Find out how your business can benefit from Tawkr's expertise to get qualified leads.

  • What is lead generation?

  • Tawkr offers you tailor-made leadgen solutions

  • How Tawkr is different from other agencies

  • What our clients say

  • Find more leads!

What is lead generation?

"Leads" is an anglicism for more or less qualified commercial contacts in the context of marketing and sales. Lead generation means finding prospects with a view to increasing your customer base and making more sales.

It is not a simple contact via an advertisement. This contact has a real commercial quality and the probability of converting it into a customer is that much greater. Sales and marketing teams are often in charge of lead generation campaigns and can use a number of techniques, such as

  • Prospecting at events and trade fairs

  • Telemarketing, e-mailing

  • Social networks and blogs

  • Face-to-face approaches

  • Etc

Tawkr offers you tailor-made lead generation solutions

Tawkr is a lead generation agency that specialises in face-to-face approaches - a more personal, direct and effective way of finding potential customers.

We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions: we take the time to become fully familiar with your business in order to develop a campaign that is completely in line with your brand, your products or services and your


Our agency relies on a network of professionals to represent your brand to the public. Going directly to your potential customers allows you to present complex products or services in a simple way, all with a more personal approach.

How is Tawkr different from other agencies?

With a Tawkr-led campaign you don't take any risks: you only pay for the new customers you acquire - no campaign costs! Plus, with targeted acquisition channels, you get a great return on investment.

Tawkr also has years of experience with clients in a wide range of sectors: retail, energy, food, charity, etc. With a presence in three European countries, our agency can bring national and international exposure to your business.

Working with Tawkr has many advantages, such as the ability to build brand awareness and the opportunity to collect data directly from your target audience.

What our clients say

"Thanks to Tawkr, we have developed the recruitment of door-to-door sponsors. This has enabled us to diversify our fundraising methods and mobilise a different population, while respecting Partage's values" - Jennifer Duquesne, Head of Fundraising, Communication and Volunteer Network, Partage.

"Since we have been working with Tawkr, we have been able to reach people we would never have been able to approach before. We appreciate working with Tawkr for its professionalism, from the selection of our donor recruiters to the integration of new regular donors: it's a relationship of trust." - Pierre-Henri Glantenet, Individual Donor Prospecting Manager, UNICEF France.

Find more potential customers!

Ready to launch your lead generation campaign? If you would like to know more about Tawkr and how our agency can support your business, please contact us.

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