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Our Call Centre Services

Discover all the services that Tawkr Call Centre can offer your business or organisation.

What is Tawkr Call Centre?

Tawkr offers a full range of direct marketing services, so that each client benefits from the ideal support, from the organisation of the campaign to the follow-up of leads and management of inbound or outbound calls. The call centre is built around the needs of the client to provide a personalised service that is 100% in line with your campaign needs and objectives.

We work with a wide range of companies in different sectors such as food, energy and security systems, but also with NGOs and charities. Whether you are looking for outbound or inbound calling services for customers or donors, Tawkr has the right solutions.

Our call centre offers the following services

  • Retention calls

  • Reactivation calls

  • Welcome calls

  • Soft upgrade calls

  • Retention calls

  • Qualified appointment setting calls

  • Inbound call management

  • Appointment and booking management

A multitude of services available

Retention calls. It is important to stay in touch with a customer or lead after an initial contact. Our retention service will help you to manage the relationship with your customers and donors in order to increase their loyalty.

Reactivation calls. If some of your customers or donors become inactive, our reactivation service will allow you to initiate contact with them again.

Welcome calls. Welcoming new customers and donors is an important step in building loyalty and not only verifies data in case it is incorrect but also saves sales. Welcome calls reassure customers/donors and have a real impact on long-term retention.

Soft upgrade calls. Tawkr can follow up with your customers to build loyalty and offer soft upgrades to satisfied customers/donors in a second call.

Loyalty calls. Let Tawkr take care of the retention process with a dedicated call service to keep in touch with customers and donors to keep them informed about the use of their donation, for example.

Qualified appointment setting calls. Our call centre agents are trained to qualify leads or new customers for your business and can contact them to arrange appointments.

Inbound calls. Tawkr can also handle inbound calls for your business or organisation, particularly following marketing campaigns.

Appointment and Booking Management. If you need a service to manage bookings from customers or leads, Tawkr can do this for you. As the management is not online, we can provide personalised responses while gathering essential information.

Why trust Tawkr?

Tawkr's experience in the face-to-face sector also includes inbound and outbound call services that focus on relationship building. The consultants use these approaches to keep the human touch in every exchange between organisation/company and donor/client, even over the phone.

As the call centre has been built in response to our clients' needs, we are constantly improving and developing new services.

Our outbound services have exceptional contact rates: 70% for charities and 91% for commercial companies. The contact rate for charities is 10-15% above the industry average!

We can offer our services in French, Dutch and English and all call centre agents are native speakers. Our call centre has a very low turnover of advisors - 0% in 2019 - putting their years of experience to work for your brand, business or organisation. We are continually recruiting new call centre agents to ensure we are always providing the best possible service to our customers.

Working regularly with commercial companies and NGOs or charities such as Total Direct Energie or the French Red Cross, we can adapt to any sector to provide the highest standard of service.

Call centre customer testimonials

"Tawkr's call centre is an essential element in the chain of loyalty for new regular donors. The call centre agents have a very human approach to their work and manage to make each welcome call a warm and unique moment. They are able to carry the emotion experienced at the door through to the telephone. This is no mean feat! Their professionalism, their taste for performance but above all their love of discussion make this unique call centre a real pillar at Tawkr." Marguerite Gorgedoux, Relationship Marketing Project Manager, Red Cross

Thanks to Tawkr's welcome and retention call services, the Red Cross has benefited from a better retention on the first 1 to 5 collections, compared to the previous year.

Learn more about our call centre services

If you are interested in the services our call centre offers, please contact us

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