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Outsourced sales force

Direct sales professionals to outsource your sales force with peace of mind!

Tawkr offers an outsourced sales force for your brand. Direct sales experts go out to meet your potential consumers to help you generate sales, collect data or simply make your company known.

Why outsource your sales force?

Outsourcing your sales force is all about enabling your business to cope with rapid growth or sudden changes. The responsiveness and flexibility of such a service is a major advantage - you have the resources you need, when you need them! It's a great way to increase your business, whether it's for the short or long term.

It also helps to keep operational costs under control. As the sales team is external and quickly set up, the productivity gain is considerable. This allows for control of the operating costs of the sales team.

Finally, outsourcing your sales force is not only a way to benefit from unique and sometimes complementary skills to those in-house, but it also saves you a lot of time - and money. Your company no longer needs to recruit or manage the team, the Tawkr agency takes care of everything for you!

An additional sales force according to your needs

Tawkr has at its disposal a network of independent professionals specialized in direct sales. According to your needs and the objectives of your campaign, you benefit from the necessary resources - no more and no less - for a duration corresponding to your mission. This outsourced sales force can supplement your existing team - allowing you to meet a growing need on a temporary basis - but can also be put in place to meet specific campaign objectives: sales, brand recognition, data collection...

Tawkr takes care of finding the best professionals, managing the teams and training all the sales people so that they know the company, the brand, the services and/or the products perfectly and can represent you faithfully.

Why trust Tawkr?

With Tawkr you don't pay campaign fees - you only pay for sales and targets achieved! We specialise in direct selling and our model delivers excellent returns on investment.

We have years of experience in a wide range of markets, from food to energy to charities. Our unique approach to selling enables us to achieve our clients' objectives and spread your brand by staying close to the consumer.

Clients and testimonials

"Since working with tawkr we have been able to reach people we would never have been able to before. We appreciate working with tawkr for its professionalism, from the selection of our donor recruiters to the integration of new regular donors: it's a relationship of trust. - Pierre-Henri Glantenet - Individual Donor Prospecting Manager, UNICEF France

"Thanks to tawkr, we have developed the recruitment of door-to-door sponsors. We have thus been able to diversify our collection methods and mobilise a different population, while respecting the values of Partage. - Jennifer Duquesne - Head of fundraising, communication and volunteer network, Partage.

How to outsource your sales force?

If you are interested in outsourcing your sales force and business development, please contact us to find out more.

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