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tawkr at Vivatech Paris

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

This three-day summit started on June 15th and welcomed around 50.000 visitors, 5.000 startups and 400 speakers from every corner of the planet. tawkr was represented by Sabrina Houzelot – in charge of developing the French market – who accepted to share insights on F2F marketing in the digital era and its undoubting relevance for tech companies.

This event being very startup focused, it’s a great way to understand what the main interests of tomorrow’s digital leaders are. “The main axis is of course digitalization, everything you do normally, you’ll soon be able to do it from your smartphone sitting at home. It’s the so called Uberization phenomenon” says Sabrina. If every startup today is trying to come up with the perfect solution to make your life easier, it’s becoming harder for them to standout of this mass of startup projects.

All startups were very interested in what we offer because our model allows them to benefit from a sales force without having to hire, train and finance one” explains Sabrina. A sign that what we offer is appropriate in today’s market is that (1) the Gig-Economy is becoming a reality and jobs are more and more assigned to freelancers and (2) event the largest companies are now slowly starting to outsource their sales force to experts such as tawkr. The biggest difficulty for a lot of these startups today is unfortunately that they aren’t assured to become viable: “The numbers speak for themselves and today only 20% of startups that are launched are actually able to survive financially”.

A practical example of how tawkr can help innovative and modern digital projects is the French based startup CBIEN. Originating from Nantes in France, this Online inventory of goods, found in tawkr a great way to touch more people and get their app downloaded on potential users’ smartphones.

A focus on data protection

Another focus of Vivatech Paris was data protection. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into effect in less than a year (May 2018), everyone is concerned and companies who gather data actually need to change the way they handle it: “Today an ingenious hacker could enter any database from any company and once he has access, who knows how catastrophic it can be” reminds Sabrina. It seems that computer scientists are becoming scarce gems for data companies and a lot of them were hiring on the spot at Vivatech. tawkr, is putting everything together to ensure that our, already very secure, system complies with the upcoming regulation and that our clients’ data is safe and sound.

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