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Tawkr supporting the 2019 Europ’Raid

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Europ’raid is the first adventure-raid in Europe. Focusing primarily on solidarity and cultural exchanges, the raid is 10.000 km long and runs through 20 different countries in just 22 days. 846 participants crammed in 249 old Peugeot ‘205’ cars will make 200 stops, reaching 10 different capital cities and 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

While Europ’raid is a cultural and sportive adventure, it also aims to be an action toward others, an opportunity to meet, to share and act in solidarity with local populations. For this matter, each crew has had one year to collect 100 kg of school supplies they’ll have to convey to isolated schools across Eastern Europe.

As meeting other people and face to face interactions are core elements of tawkr’s business, we’ve decided to sponsor Anaïs, Antoine and Rémi AKA ‘IronRaid’, a crew from Lille. They were so thrilled by the news they decided to paint their ‘205’ – named Jarvis – into the beautiful tawkr orange, so watch out this summer as you might see an orange dash driving across Europe, it’ll probably be the ‘IronRaid’ team!

Meet Anaïs:

Anais is a 22-year-old Nurse from Lille. She’s ambitious and loves to meet new cultures and people: “I was really sold on the adventure when I discovered how independent we would be through out the journey but mostly how it aims to promote an equitable access to education all across Europe.

Meet Antoine:

Antoine is also 22 years old and is Student from Lille. When Anaïs told him about this adventure, Antoine didn’t even stop to think, he was sold in an instant: “I’m really excited by the project as a whole: from the sponsor search, to prepping the car, recovering supplies and of course the 22-day adventure awaiting us!

Meet Rémi:

Rémi, 21, from Valenciennes is also a student and thus completes the team with his engineering knowledge: “Being passionate about travel and wanting to participate in a solidarity event, this 22-day car raid will be for me an opportunity to take a tour of Europe while helping young people from remote countries to have better education conditions.”

The whole tawkr staff is super excited to be part of this adventure by supporting the ‘IronRaid’ team through out their whole journey! Stay tuned as Anaïs and Antoine will be sharing their adventure on a day-to-day basis through our blog. You can also follow their raid on Facebook and Instagram, be sure to log in on July 28th for the departure!

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