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Tawkr supports the “Challenge Against Hunger” in Lille

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

After a success during the National Days of the French Red Cross, the team of Tawkr Lille was there once again for the Challenge Against Hunger organized by the Action Against Hunger (ACF) organisation. The 2nd edition of this sporting challenge in Lille brought together 22 companies and 351 athletes including 9 from our office. Tawkr was thus able to support the office team up to 2235€ for the challenge!

Led by Claire, the team composed of Dorinda, Charlene, Caroline, Teddy, Gauthier, Kevin and Thomas was divided between zumba, walking and running for this sporting challenge. This 2nd edition of the Challenge Against Hunger in Lille is a success : the organisation has collected € 70,345 in total for its humanitarian projects in Ivory Coast and Nepal.

Our contestants were delighted as Gauthier points out: “I love when the company organizes this kind of event: it’s great for team cohesion! The fact that it is for a good cause is even better! Next year I’m aiming for the 16km (13km this year).“And Claire is determined to coach even more colleagues next year: “ACF’s Hunger Challenge was great! An opportunity to meet with colleagues outside the workplace and foster team cohesion! We all had a great time. The organization was superb before, during and after the event! I am proud to have been the coordinator of this event! Objective next year: mobilize more colleagues! This year, we were 9 athletes, nearly 1/3 of the team participated in this challenge against hunger in the world!

While in 2017, the Challenge allowed ACF to help 14.7 million people in 49 different countries, it can still be improved: This is why this year the goal was to focus on the eco-responsible aspect of the event, the city of Lille thus making available its sustainable development service and a volunteer to answer questions regarding the ecodesign of the event.

The ACF event is gaining momentum each year and is being joined by more and more companies and by 2021, it aims to meet the charter of 15 eco-responsible sports events, launched in 2017 by the Ministry of Sports and the WWF Foundation.

The Tawkr Lille team is looking forward to the next Challenge against Hunger in 2020 but before then is preparing for the 2019 edition of the Pandathlon organized by the WWF Foundation which is just around the corner. (Stay tuned)

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