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Temporary Sales

Need temporary sales solutions? Tawkr is an international agency offering you tailor-made interim sales and marketing services.

As a sales and marketing agency, Tawkr guarantees you professional sales teams available for any interim sales campaign you may want to implement. Tawkr has teams that can be quickly trained on any product or service you offer. On this page you'll find all the information you need about selling the Tawkr way!

Why use interim sales services?

Building your own sales team can be an expensive and difficult undertaking for any company. Depending on the size of your business and your sales objectives, interim sales is often the best solution for you.

There are a variety of reasons to use such a service: You may not yet have the resources in-house to develop such a sales team, or you may want to expand your sales force for a specific campaign and period of time. Therefore, working with an interim sales agency like Tawkr gives you many advantages:

  • You only pay when a sale is made

  • We guarantee a return on your investment

  • Benefit from a large network of professional sellers throughout France

  • You are flexible: expand or reduce your sales force whenever you want

  • Focus on results, we manage everything else

  • Receive essential data on your customer base

  • Benefit from daily personal follow-up from an experienced back office

Interim sales with Tawkr

At Tawkr, we do everything we can to ensure the development of a personalised campaign, one that suits you. All of our clients are different and have different needs, so we ensure that you get a tailor-made campaign that can be modified to suit your needs and desires.

We work with an extensive network of independent salespeople located throughout Europe. Thanks to targeted training to ensure their perfect knowledge of the brand, these Brand Ambassadors are the most capable, in terms of experience and professionalism, to represent you.

An outsourced sales force is also much more than just selling, thanks to precise management of sales interactions by our back office, Brand Ambassadors create lasting brand relationships. This not only allows your brand message to reach further, but also allows you to precisely target your audience to ensure the most effective campaign possible.

Testimonials and clients

"Thanks to Tawkr, we have developed door-to-door sponsor recruitment. This has enabled us to diversify our collection methods and mobilise a different population, while respecting Partage's values." - Jennifer Duquesne, Partage.

"Since we have been working with Tawkr, we have been able to reach out to people we would never have been able to approach before. We appreciate working with Tawkr for its professionalism, from the selection of our donor recruiters to the on-boarding of new regular donors: It's a relationship of trust." - Pierre-Henri Glantenet, UNICEF.

"Since I started working with Tawkr in 2014, I have been amazed by the professionalism of the Brand Ambassadors. I expected good results, but every month I am amazed at how quickly Brand Ambassadors grow my brand." - Colm Daily, Homesecure.

Need an interim sales solution

Don't wait any longer to use an interim sales agency, it's efficient, simple and fast; but more importantly it's the ideal solution for any business that might be looking for a bespoke campaign. The entire Tawkr team will work with you as a partner throughout the entire campaign, making it a joint success and the start of a long-term partnership.

You're in the driving seat and the campaign is still on your terms, so don't wait any longer and get in touch with us today to discuss the many options and solutions available to you in terms of interim sales.

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